“Futurological Congress (Moscow, 14-16.02.2014)” conference. The 3rd day

The project of the “Futurological Congress (Moscow)” conference originated from the question – can we organize an interdisciplinary conference on Future, which after two days of intense communication among the participants (in the form of presentations mainly) would on the third day result in their joint dialogue on the Future? The dialogue mobilizing concerns and worries and hopes of all the participants of the conference above the borders of their disciplines, professional engagements and the difference of their socio-cultural contexts.

What is Future? Is it a vague promise or a tangible threat (and hope)? First and foremost we invite the participants of the conference to show us the “prognostic potential” innate to each of their discipline, approach or method. To show the “force”, the “strong side” so that thence we could proceed to the challenges, issues and questions new and transgressive both to their own discipline and to the existing interdisciplinary space.

What – which projection of what future – secures the efficiency of their methods? What - which of the other scientific, socio-cultural and existential practices -  is excluded or included by this or that vision of the future?

What  implementation or vice verse what prevention of certain scenarios of the future demonstrate (or falsify) the veracity (or even consistency) of their present-day projections of the future?

And finally what about the formation here and now of the new “inclusive” communities, which would be able to practice the kind of Future that would be answering to the concerns and worries and hopes of everyone? – Of all the humanity (“humanities”? “all living”? of “all beings”?). Are we able to act “deeply- ecologically” right now, are we able to exist as the “future humanity” hic et nunc?

These are some of the questions raised for discussion on the 3rd day of the “Futurological Congress” (Moscow, 14-16.02.2014) conference…